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Famous Albanians

Injustice Within our Justice System: The Lavarn Watson Story...

Michael Catt

In Upgrade: from Adequacy to Abundance, Michael Catt, pastor of Sherwood Baptist Church in Albany Georgia, examines immature faith and explains how God empowers believers to enjoy the Christ-filled life promised in the New Testament Epistles. This Christ-filled life is offered to ALL Christians, not just an elite few.

Theodus Drake

Theodus Drake, is Senior Pastor of Second Mount Zion Baptist Church in Albany, Georgia, shares how and why the Church must change its approach to soul-winning.

Stephen Kendrick

The Resolution for Men challenges men of all ages to be bold and intentional about embracing their responsibilities as leaders of their homes, marriages, and children.

The Love Dare

In The Love Dare, Stephen Kendrick and Alex Kendrick challenge married coupless to practice 40 days of unconditional love, and in the process, learn the keys to finding true intimacy and a dynamic marriage. Stephen and Alex Kendricks are media pastors at Sherwood Baptist Church in Albany, and the creators of the movies, Fireproof, Facing the Giants and Flywheel. The Love Dare is featured in the movie, Fireproof.

E. G. Sherman, Jr.

Dr. E. G. Sherman, Jr. shares thirty-six Bible-based lessons that seek to instill ethical principles in children. These lessons are the same ones he uses during the Children's Altar Call at the church that he pastors, Institutional First Baptist Church in Albany.

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