Albany Georgia


Albany Pharmacies

The following is a list of pharmacies in Albany, Georgia. Locations are designated as follows:

Albany area locations are designated as follows:

  • AM - Albany Mall
  • AMA - Albany Mall Area
  • D - Downtown Albany
  • M - Midtown Albany
  • E - East Albany
  • N - North Albany
  • S - South Albany
  • W - West Albany
  • NW - Northwest Albany
  • SE - Southeast Albany
  • SW - Southwest Albany
CVS Pharmacy 229-439-2554 W
CVS Pharmacy 229-439-2248 SE
Fred's In-Store Pharmacy 229-883-1879 N
Fred's In-Store Pharmacy 229-446-4290 N
Harvey's In-Store Pharmacy 229-888-3530 NW
Kmart In-Store Pharmacy 229-435-5646 NW
Medi Save Pharmacy 229-435-1306 S
The Medicine Man's Corner Vitamin Supplements, Dietary Supplements, Herbal Supplements Natural Medicine Information & Supplements 229-436-0100 NW
The Prescription Shoppe Pharmacy 229-434-1414 S
Publix In-Store Pharmacy 229-431-2890 NW
Rite Aid Pharmacy 229-883-5047 N
Sam's Club In-Store Pharmacy 229-888-3400 NW
Scott's Pharmacy Pharmacy 229-483-7908 E
USaveIt Pharmacy 229-436-1518 NW
USaveIt Pharmacy 229-435-8351 D
USaveIt Pharmacy 229-435-2328 NW
USaveIt Pharmacy 229-439-4939 N
USaveIt Pharmacy 229-435-5199 S
Walgreens Pharmacy 229-430-9119 E
Walgreens Pharmacy 229-432-2895 E
Walgreens Pharmacy 229-430-5541 M
Walgreens Pharmacy 229-888-6166 NW
Walmart In-Store Pharmacy 229-352-9332 E
Walmart In-Store Pharmacy 229-405-6804 W

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