Albany Georgia


Government Offices and Agencies

The following is a non-comprehensive list of government offices and agencies in Albany, Georgia. They include colleges and universities, the pubic school system, elected officials, and government services. The location areas of these offices are designated as follows:

Albany area locations are designated as follows:

  • AM - Albany Mall
  • AMA - Albany Mall Area
  • D - Downtown Albany
  • M - Midtown Albany
  • E - East Albany
  • N - North Albany
  • S - South Albany
  • W - West Albany
  • NW - Northwest Albany
  • SE - Southeast Albany
  • SW - Southwest Albany
Albany State University University System of Georgia 229-500-2000 E
Albany State University West Campus University System of Georgia 229-500-2000 W
Albany Technical College University System of Georgia 229-430-3500 S
Army National Guard US Military 800-GO-GUARD
Sanford Bishop United States Congressman
Georgia 2nd District
229-439-8067 D
City of Albany City Government 229-431-3234 D
Dougherty County County Government 229-431-2121 D
Dougherty County School System Public Schools 229-431-1264 D
Internal Revenue Service Albany Office 229-405-6649 D
Keep Albany Beautiful Keep America Beautiful affiiate 229-430-5257 S
Marine Corps Logistics BaseSE US Military 229-639-5000
Social Security Administration Albany Office 877-319-0733 NW

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