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One aspect of Tour Albany Attractions is sharing little known secrets about attractions on the tour. The questions listed below, shed light on interesting information about attractions on the tour as well as lesser know facts about former Albany attractions. Take the quiz and see if you can identify which attraction is characterized by the secret revealed in each question. Answers to these questions will be included in the materials given through Request a Tour.

Tour Quiz

  1. Which attraction is keeper of Albany and Southwest Georgia history?
  2. Which attraction, built in 1858 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places, was the location of the private offices of Colonel Nelson Tift, Albany’s founder?
  3. Which attraction has a second floor that was used for theatrical performances and social functions such as balls, as well as a cellar that housed food supplies for the Confederate Navy?
  4. Which attraction is the oldest functioning facility of its kind in the State of Georgia?
  5. Which attraction was the location of entertainment and a ball in honor of former Confederate President Jefferson Davis and his daughter Winnie in their 1886 visit to Albany?
  6. Which attraction was erected as a memorial to Dougherty County veterans of World War I?
  7. Which attraction succeeded Georgia’s largest Chautauqua Auditorium?
  8. Which attraction contains one of the last Steinway grand pianos bearing Mr. Steinway’s signature?
  9. Name the building at Thronateeska Heritage Center that was Albany’s original train station.
  10. Which attraction is named for the man who brought television to Albany, Georgia?
  11. Which attraction once contained the first law office of an attorney who was once the only practicing African-American attorney south of Atlanta?
  12. Which attraction that once refused to serve African-Americans in its restaurant is now owned by an African-American?
  13. Which attraction is named for a former Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) worker who, along with two other SNCC workers, led a Civil Rights protest that was one of the catalysts for the organization of the Albany Civil Rights Movement?
  14. Which attraction is the original location of the Albany Civil Rights Movement’s Mass Meetings?
  15. At which attraction did 1960s Civil Rights workers from around the country sleep in sleeping bags because they could not lodge in local hotels?
  16. Which attraction was used as an overflow facility for the mass meetings of the 1960s Albany Civil Rights Movement?
  17. Which attraction is the site of the 1961 trial of Preston King?
  18. Which attraction is dedicated to the veterans of Viet Nam?
  19. Which neo-classical attraction won the 1993 Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation Award for Outstanding Adaptive-Use Rehabilitation?
  20. Which attraction is the sequel to another attraction built in 1912 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places?
  21. Which attraction serves as the Flint River Greenways trailhead?
  22. Which attraction contains Georgia's only IWERKS large format theatre with 3D capability?

Bonus Questions

These questions reveal nothing about the tour, but individuals who answer them correctly demonstrate knowledge of Albany history.
  1. Which attraction is located on the land that was once Albany’s circus grounds?
  2. Which attraction is the successor to a facility that once housed Albany’s first library?
  3. Which attraction was the site of performances by Buddy Rogers in 1939, Cab Calloway in 1941, the NBC Orchestra and Louis Armstrong?
  4. Which attraction was the location of the premier of the 1956 movie, Goodbye My Lady?
  5. Which attraction once had a side entrance that was labeled “Colored Entrance”?
  6. Which attraction, built in 1863, has bicycle tracks, little boy footprints and dog prints in front of it?
  7. Which attraction is believed to have contained Albany's first African-American restaurant?
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